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WASHINGTONNASA scientists have discovered a black hole, the smallest ever found that weighs approximately four times the mass of our sun and it is 15 miles in diameter.

“This black hole is actually pushing the limits,” said Nikolai Shaposhnikov, the study team leader of NASA. “Scientists were working hard for many years to find out the smallest possible size of a black hole, and this invention is a big step towards answering that question,” he said in a statement.

Though it is smaller, it seems to be stronger than other larger black holes found at the centers of galaxies. If anyone goes nearer to J1650 (the name given to the black hole), its gravity would stretch your body into a “strand of spaghetti,” said Shaposhnikov.

Black hole

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Honolulu – The U.S. war ship “Lake Erie” blasted a disabled spy satellite with a tactical SM-3 missile, which exactly strikes the school bus-sized satellite that was traveling at a speed of more than 7000 miles per hour. It had attained the ultimate target of exploding a tank of toxic hydrazine fuel at a height of 133 nautical miles above the Pacific Ocean, said the defense officials.

Lake Erie

Demolishing the satellite’s hazardous fuel tank containing 1,000 pounds of hydrazine fuel was the primary goal, said a senior defense official on Thursday. He said it seems that the tank was totally demolished, and the pinpoint strike with a specially designed missile was an absolute success.

Many international leaders had protested against this as they see this incident as a thinly disguised attempt to test an anti-satellite weapon — one that could destroy rival country’s spy satellite and orbiting communications.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said. “China is always having a watchful eye over the possible harm that was created by U.S. action to outer space security and relevant countries.

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