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1st April


Be aware it’s 1st April… April fool’s day also called as All fool’s day. You might be victim of planned practical pranks of your siblings. On first April, people all over the World play pranks with each others. Basically it is part of western culture and this tradition flourished in 18th century. Mark Twain said, “The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year”. Wana know about the history and details of this fool day? Following information will help you.


There are many stories and myths regarding the origin and history of April fool’s day. There is a common consensus that it originated from France in 1582. Charles XI of France implemented some improvement in calendar. The old Gregorian calendar was introduced and New Year day turned from 25th March to April 1st. Most of the people denied to accept the changes and were named as “fools”. Since then, people started playing pranks on every 1st April. This ritual gained so much popularity and spread in Britain, Scotland and other countries.


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