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Worthless Stock

Looking for how to make double your money? Investment in stocks on long term basis being traded in a stock market is one way you can use to accumulate wealth. In favorable conditions value of your holding stocks appreciates and you can make huge profits by selling these expensive stocks in the stock market receiving capital gain that resulted from the price difference when you bought a particular stock and when you sold it. On the contrary if conditions are not favorable this difference of prices may turn negative causing demise to you in form of capital loss. Volatile markets have more chances of capital loss. A specific amount of tax liable on capita gain might be written off in case of capital loss. So the bright side of this ugly capital loss is you can use such loss to counterbalance your taxable gains i.e. tax on your capital gain in case of capital loss is deducted hence offering some tax benefit to the holders.

Capital loss due to worthless stocks can counterbalance you tax on capital gain on “dollar for dollar” basis. For every dollar loss you get equal dollar benefit in tax. If however the amount of capital gain tax is lower than the loss, remaining loss amount is carry forwarded to upcoming tax years.

But remember this tax deduction is applicable only to those stocks having worth of zero known as “worthless” stocks. If a company becomes bankrupt making market value of its shares zero and you were not able to unload them before bankruptcy IRC can give you some relaxation upon your losses. When you are stuck with such painful valuable stocks the appropriate solution is to write them off some how in the stock market and get tax advantage by following IRS guidelines.

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Connect with Customers

The backbone of business revenue is a customer. Customer loyalty and customer satisfaction leads to the existence and sustainability of a business. Loyal and satisfied customers become advocates of your business and repeat purchase. Specifically pointing out to small businesses with little competitive advantage and squeezed revenues the significance of customers is of no question. Your source of generating revenue, your customer needs regular communication from your side. The survival of small businesses with tiny market share depends on two solving two issues:

  • Effectively acquiring new customers to increase your customer base
  • Retention of existing customers by maintaining customer relations

To overcome above mentioned two issues, communication i.e. “trying to connect with customers” is indispensable. Small businesses need such modes of connecting to your customers those can translate into immediate revenues without incurring considerable costs of communication.

Some of marketing tools mentioned below are of great worth helping the small businesses striving for “trying to connect with customers.” We can call them low cost high return means of connection to your customers.

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Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl XLV has now been wrapped up and the Green Bay Packers have taken the Lombardi Trophy home. The “Super Bowl Sunday” is always been an American national holiday. Also this year, the 2011 Super Bowl has become the most-watched American television program in history, drawing an average audience of 111 million viewers. The Super Bowl is also among the most watch sporting events in the world. The commercial have always been the main attraction for many people during the Super Bowl. Because of its high viewership, commercial airtime during Super Bowl broadcast is the most expensive of the year. Due to the high interest rate of people and the high cost of investing in advertising on the Super Bowl, Money regularly develop their most expensive and entertaining commercials for this broadcast.
Below are the best Super Bowl commercial of all time, which one is your favorite one?

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Best Health Insurance Plan

Health of family is (and has to be) the top priority of head of the family. No one knows what kind of health issue arises at what time, so there has to be a backup plan that can relieve us of health related financial matters. For such purposes, a health insurance plan is usually foremost priority of most of the families all over the world.

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Business Travel Tips

What does it take to travel on business, far from your comfort zone?  Flight delays, whirlwind business trips, lack of rest, no vacation time and a whole lot more. Clearly no finishing school in the world can prepare you to face these seemingly trivial travails of a trip.

A business trip offers a great chance to make a name for yourself as you represent the company. You can choose to stay sharp and come back a success, or pretend it’s a drunken vacation and break your career. If you choose the former, here are seven must-know tips for someone who wishes to be a pro business traveler:

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Building an audience is essential in the current economic scenario, and rests on the premise that an organization gets as many people as possible to read its content and eventually benefits monetarily and in other ways off that audience. In short, an organization with an audience is based on reach. It helps organizations reach highly qualified consumers based on the intent of the company, to satisfy a marketing objective.

As a business owner, you must know that learning things and growing is an almost daily experience.  In order to survive, you must find smart and efficient ways to market your organization to potential clients.

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Press Release

Press releases are generally addressed to the media but are intended to attract public attention. The announcements that have news value are entertained. These communications channel through media and create public awareness on various matters and issues. The news immediately spread within and beyond borders.

Well worded and well laid out press releases create great impact. These can motivate the masses and activate positive impressions about the company, their objectives and performances. The press releases are all about news on some happenings, creations, projections and new developments that would appeal and impress public and news readers. Good news and its timely publication enhance the media proficiency and vigilance among the readers. These days a press release is the cheapest way to reach the public at large. The public responds to media communications as they can read or view the details in their convenient free time, at home, in office or during casual walk in park.

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Small Business

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing needs commitment, time and money like all other types of small or big businesses. Marketing of Small Business often need good financial backup to provide enough lead time to make known your entry in the social and net circles. You would be spending much time and effort to your media marketing viewing the traffic flow and constantly responding to the comments / questions or suggestions left by adequate return in due time.

How to do Social Media Marketing for Small Business?

There is no doubt that without investment nothing is possible. The other fact is also true that small businesses are always short of resources. Somehow they can mange time and can invest this to stay tuned to Social media marketing. There is no confusion on returns inflow too. These come in time and in different forms like increase in links and traffic influences that improve your website visibility. The returns would emerge as your website usability improves or attracts attention within social media marketing circles. The returns generated will be continually debated to the time and money invested.

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Warner Bros

Who doesn’t want billions of ad revenue and a new lot of fresh viewers? Yup! Every entertainment company wants this as its survival depends on these two major contributors.Considering the importance of these contributing factors one of the world biggest producers of films and T.V. entertainment, Warner Bros is going to launch two Web sites as announced by the company on Monday.


The first Web site has been named as KidsWB.com as it is quite evident from the name that the site will provide entertaining stuff to children by featuring cartoon characters like Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny and Batman as all these characters are part Warner Bros entertaining library.


The other site is TheWB.com that will provide complete episodes of shows like “Smallville” and “Friends” online and some other online shows will be presented online during next month in a beta test version, it was announced by Warner Bros.Television Group.


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Hot news has been published in the channel of CNN of New York that the CPU as well as buyer thrilling gigantic company the Apple pronounces monetary succeeding area sales and earnings on Wednesday that strike Wall Street’s hopes gratitude’s toward a 51% raise in Macintosh transaction.

Meanwhile there are chances of decline in the sales of stocks and shares of the apple & company’s that it might be the situation of decrees third quarter sales.

The chief executive officer of the Apple & company’s commented a few times earlier that we have earned $ 17 billion in the profits pro the first semi of our financial year.Moreover he said that the apple has the strongest will to produce and launch a variety of products in the future timeIt has earned a pretty wide recognition in the internet marketing and advertising portfolios.

The shareholders must not be astounded even if Apple constantly is conventional through its leadership.

Apple iPhone

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