10 Reasons to Prefer Tablet PCs over Smart phones

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With the technology pacing over at supersonic speed, market is loaded with different gadgets and one gets confused which gadget to buy first or which gadget to prefer. Tablet PCs, the elder brother of Smartphone are the new craze among technology lovers but whether one should buy Tablet PC or a Smartphone, What’s the difference between them??Are they same?? If not, then which one to prefer are the questions in one’s mind when shopping a particular gadget.

Here are the 10 reasons to Prefer Tablet PCs over Smartphones if you are perplexed which one to buy, a Tablet PC or a Smartphone.

1. Tablet PC is a better Computer substitute than Smartphones

Tablet PC is the better computer substitute than Smartphones. It has multitasking capabilities and let you do all the computing, browsing and searching faster than Smartphones. The web pages are readily opened and let you do all your work.

2. Tablet PCs have more battery life than Smartphones

When it comes to battery life, Tablet PCs have more battery life than Smartphones. You can work on the tablet PCs for about 8 to 9 hors without charging. Whether you are entertaining yourself with multimedia features or downloading important files, Tablet PCs provide more power than Smartphones.

3. Tablets PCs are not tied to carriers unlike Smartphones

Unlike Smartphones Tablet PCs are not tied to carriers. Smartphones have some additional and unwanted apps integrated by the carriers and comes in-built with the phone thus taking a large amount of capacity on the Smartphone and also these cannot be removed from the Smartphone. However, apps can be easily installed and removed from the Tablet PCs.

4. Tablet PCs have High Resolution and Wider Screens for Videos than Smartphones

One of the unique features of Tablet PC that makes them preferable over Smartphones is their High Resolution and wider Screens. Videos can be viewed with better zoom and picture quality. You don’t have to bear the pain of watching them in small screens of Smartphones.

5. Tablet PCs have more storage capacity than Smartphones

Tablet PCs have an added advantage of having more storage capacity than Smartphones. There is enough space to download movies and videos. The softwares can easily be stored for computing and all your important data is saved on your Tablet PC. While to increase storage capacity on Smartphones you have to attach SD cards.

6. Tablet PCs are smart Readers than Smartphones

Tablet PCs are smart readers than Smartphones. You can read your favorite books, magazines, novels, and important documents with more clarity and better view. Text documents and PDF documents are easy to read on Tablet PCs

7. Tablet PCs have powerful processors than Smartphones

Powerful Processors are the specialty of Tablet PCs. Tablet PCs feature fast and high speed processors than Smartphones that enable faster processing and computing.

8. Tablet PCS have better productivity apps and wider view for Google Maps than Smartphones

Tablets offer better productivity apps and wider view for Google Maps than Smartphones. Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites are faster to connect and easier to use on Tablet PCs with ability download more apps. Google maps on Tablet PCs give you better viewing angle of location and places that you want to visit.

9. Tablet PCs are the Gaming Beasts in front of Smartphones

Tablets are true gaming beasts and let you enjoy all the gaming modes. You can have better gaming modes and controls with brighter and larger view and high resolution animations on Tablet PCs than Smartphones.

10. Tablet PCs offer better online and mobile shopping facility than Smartphoness

Tablets PCs are a good source of online and mobile shopping. More customers prefer Tablets PCs over smartphones for online shopping facility because products are faster to search and can be better viewed with their price and specifications on Tablet PC screens than Smartphones.

So, go for a Tablet PC if you are still puzzled which one to buy and you have a budget to buy only one of them.